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Custom Outdoor Cushions

Custom cushions are essential for creating an attractive and comfortable outdoor space. At Cushion Corner®, we provide complete service and satisfaction when it comes to creating your own outdoor furniture cushions and pillows. You can customize your perfect custom cushions with any shape, fabric, fills and accent.​

Liven up your outdoor living space by adding brightly colored outdoor cushions, or create a classic feel with soft solids and accentuating patterns. The options are truly endless! With your new custom cushions, you can sit back and relax and truly enjoy your outdoor landscape or entertain in style. Whether unwinding after a busy day or hosting a backyard party, your new Cushion Corner® cushions will be sure to please.

How To Choose The Perfect Cushion​

Outdoor furniture is typically built to last. However the cushions may lose their shape and style over time. With new custom cushions, you can refresh the look and feel of your outdoor furniture, while adding beauty to your outdoor living space. When choosing your custom cushions, there are a few things to consider below.


Choose a style that blends well with your outdoor space. Mix and match fabrics to create an inviting space suitable to your taste preference. Choose from a variety of solid, striped or patterned fabric and create the perfect color palette for you. For example, you can play with a combination of solids and cabana stripes for infusing a summer vibe to your space. Not sure where to begin? We are here to help! Our designers can help you every step of the way.


The easiest way to update your outdoor space is with new custom outdoor cushions and pillows. For perfect custom cushions, choosing the right fabric is crucial. First, it's important to know what type of material you need based on the climate in which you live. At Cushion Corner®, we have a wide variety of outdoor fabric to choose from. Whether you live in a moderate Southern California climate or a colder East Coast climate, we can guide you through choosing your optimal outdoor fabric. We invite you to call or meet with an experienced member of our design team to help guide you through an array of premium fabrics, fills and accents, suitable for your environment.

Foam Inserts

At Cushion Corner®, we promise to deliver you with top-quality custom cushions. An important component of our cushions are the premium foam inserts.

Unlike mass produced cushions, made solely of polyester fill, Cushion Corner® cushions are always crafted with an upholstery foam core, and book wrapped with high-loft polyester for maximum comfort and usage.

At Cushion Corner®, we offer you the option of selecting from 3 levels of foam inserts.

Our standard base foam is already a step ahead of the rest. Constructed of 1.8 lb/ft³ white polyurethane, this foam insert is ideal for indoor usage and designed to provide years of enjoyment with minimal sagging.

The next level of foam is high resiliency (HR) foam. This higher-end foam is made of 2.5lb/ft³ yellow polyurethane. This foam provides a higher bounce rate and will outlast standard foam by several years. High resiliency foam is intended for use with very high-end indoor cushions.

For a luxuriously durable outdoor cushion, we offer a reticulated EZ-dri foam insert. Our reticulated foam is comprised of 1.8 lb/ft³ polyurethane and allows water to drain through its porous texture. This foam is the best option for outdoor usage.

Whichever insert you select, rest assured you will receive a superior, finely crafted product. All 3 levels of our foam include high-loft polyester wrap for maximum comfort and easy cover removal. Furthermore, you have the option to add a gauze-like netting cover to your insert. Our netting material holds the insert firmly together, while allowing for smoother removal and replacement.

Cushion Corner® covers include a durable YKK® zipper, and all inserts utilize sustainable adhesives that are odorless and environmentally friendly. Every Cushion Corner® product is 100% American made and sourced from local factories to provide you with the best custom cushions available.


Here at Cushion Corner®, we have specialized in creating custom and replacement cushions for spaces of all sizes and styles for over 20 years. Whether you have a standard square or round cushion or something more detailed with a trapezoid, notch or other shape, we can help. Our state of the art facility allows us the ability to create your custom cushion to meet your exact specifications. Visit our HOW TO page for measuring tips.​

Cushion Corner®'s collections focus on brilliant color and classically modern patterns that compliment today's layered outdoor decorating style and trending furniture colors. At Cushion Corner®. We hope to inspire creativity for overhauling or sprucing up your interior or exterior space with the most current furniture trends.​

Contact us now to get started on your custom cushion project. Create the custom cushions of your dreams or change them seasonally to suit any mood or occasion. Choose any style or theme such as Valentine’s day, 4th of July, Halloween, Hanukkah or Christmas. We will work with you every step of the way until your custom cushion creations are brought to life!

Custom Outdoor Cushions

At Cushion Corner®, we provide complete satisfaction and service when it comes to creating your custom cushions and pillows. Customize to any color, shape, pattern, fill or accent of your choosing.​

Our custom outdoor cushions are the ideal accessories to beautify and define a space for entertainment and relaxation. In addition to the luxurious look of the cushions, your custom cushions will allow for maximum comfort and pleasure.